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asked November 5th 2012

course fees

Hi Paul, your cakes are inspiring, if I was to purchase your online courses are they mine to keep or will I have to renew every year to be able to keep past purchases?

thanks julie x


Hi Julie

If you search ‘download videos’ you will see an answer from Paul Doffman which is relevant to your question. Hope this helps.


thank you x


You’re welcome xx


Hi all
These tips are great,i have never attempted to make a maderia cake before,what is the difference in using a maderia cake as opposed to victoria sponge?
Just as a matter of interest my daughters friend who works for our local football club was telling me that at half time the players always have maderia cake apparently its a tradition with footballers! x


Hi Lynn

A madeira cake is more dense than a Victoria sandwich and has longer shelf life. Madeira will last at least two weeks, that’s one week to decorate and one week to eat. Because it is so much sturdier it is better for carving.
If you put in the search box ‘madeira cake’ you will see many answers about this sponge. Hope this helps.x

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