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asked January 12th 2013

covering a dummy cake

Hi all.
I have to add some height to a cake with a dummy board, do I just decorate as normal when i am doing the cake, or do i have to prep it in some way first.
cheers Sharon x


Hi there, you just have to make the dummy slightly wet so the fondant will stick to it x


Hi Michell

Sit the dummy cake on it’s own board secure it with some ganache so it’s stable. To decorate, wet it with some water or vodka and either cover it with rolled out icing as you would a sponge, or to give a better finish cover it first with marzipan and then with icing. If you don’t want to use marzipan, roll the icing a little thicker than you would for a cake so it doesn’t show the pitted texture and also to absorb any sharp edges


Thankyou, it was easy, the extra height has worked a treat.

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