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asked July 4th 2022

Covering a fruit cake on top of a dummy cake

I am wanting to put a 3" deep fruit cake on top of a 3" dummy cake. how can i make sure the cake is smooth around the sides when covered with marzipan and sugar paste? I know how to cover the cake by filling in gaps with marzipan, I'm just not sure
how to get the covering to look flush and smooth, as I think the edge of the dummy will cause it to be uneven. Would appreciate any tips on how to do it.


Hi Tomandhen123

The only thing you can do is fill the gap between the cake and dummy. I make a marzipan string and fill the gap, then keep smoothIng the excess flush against the dummy.
Be careful not to have uneven patches because this will show under fondant.

Another way, which may be easier, is to pipe white chocolate ganache in the space and scrape off the excess until you have a flush surface. You’ll need to let each layer dry before applying another in exactly the same way as if you were covering a cake with ganache.

Once set you can continue covering with marzipan and, once dry, cover with fondant.

I hope suggestions help 🙂


Thank you for your help. The customer doesn’t like ganache, so I’ll do my best to get an even layer with the marzipan.


The whole cake will not be ganached. It will just be the seam where the 2 cakes meet. The ganache will be minimum.

However, you can still get very good results with the other method. I used to do it that way all the time successfully. I hope, either way, things work out well for you. X 🙂

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