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asked October 3rd 2012

cream cheese frosting

Recently, I baked a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. I also made some flower paste decorations to be placed on the frosting. I made the cream cheese frosting twice. Firstly, mascarpone cheese and icing sugar,and
secondly, butter,icing sugar and cream cheese (both these recipes are from professional baker books). The end results -my flower paste decorations wilted on both these recipes after 2 hours.

Need advise: can flower paste dec be placed on cream cheese frosting?
If so, What is the best recipe for the frosting?

Appreciate the response.


Hi Rosawan

My preferred frosting for carrot cake is white chocolate cream cheese. The chocolate allows the frosting to set up firmer than ordinary cream cheese frosting. Let the frosting harden up before applying the flowers so not too much moisture from the frosting is absorbed into them. There are lots of recipes for white chocolate cream cheese frosting, just google it in and you’ll be spoiled for choice!


Madeitwithlove-thank you so..much for the quick response.

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