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asked November 3rd 2012

Deeper cakes

Could you put all mrs jones mix in one cake tin to make one deep cake or even leave some out but fill the one tin up more to get one deep cake or fill 2 smaller tins to make deeper cakes or is it best just to layer them to get deeper just thoughts iv been haveing
Thankyou x


Hi Debibon

The right size tins should be used according to the recipe instructions. If you fill the mix into one size 10″ tin your batter will not have an even distribution of heat and there will definitely be problems with over flowing.
Sponge cakes in particular remain unbaked in the centre and usually have burned sides. What you can do is divide the mixture up into smaller tins and keep an eye on timing or, you can bake one large cake in say a 12″ or 14″ pan. Have look at my answer by searching ‘Mrs Jones sponge cake’. Mrs Jones’ recipe bakes two lovely deep 10″ cakes. If want a really tall cake just layer each round, fill and decorate. You’ll have a tower! If you decide to use smaller pans, fill only two thirds full. Hope this helps.


Thanks miwl judt thoughts but like to ser what other people think cx


To get a deeper cake I usually use a Madeira recipe.
I fill the tin almost full but hollow out the middle. I also line the sides with baking paper so the cake can’t spill over the sides.
I add several thickness of newspaper to the outside of the tin and cook slowly, it can take 2 hours to cook but it’s worth it 🙂


Thankyou jojo90 x

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