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asked August 11th 2012

Diabetic cake

Can anyone help me, I have been asked to make a cake for a diabetic friend , do you substitute sugar for sweetners ? also any ideas what to fill and cover it with ,I’m pretty new to baking so any help would be really appreciated ,thanks


Hi dexter

Apologies first for not being able to offer you a recipe, however, there are a number of sites on the internet which have such recipes. The best site to visit for information on food for diabetics is Diabetics Uk www.diabetes.org.uk. What I will say is, that because there are two types of diabetes each one is treated differently, so patient needs vary. Diabetics can have normal foods in moderation, so you could bake something with reduced sugar or, with apple puree and bananas, use egg whites instead of the yolks, oil based cakes rather than butter, have reduced sugar fillings and jams. It’s not a good idea to substitute sugar with sweeteners as these eaten in large quantities have a laxative effect. Cakes baked with these don’t rise in the same way and do not keep very long.

Other sites you might like to look at are as follows:


Diabetic fruit cakeĀ  www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipe/9225 diabetic fruit cake

Please bear in mind fruits are full of natural sugars and fruit cake should be consumed in moderation. I was in the same boat a few weeks ago for a friend’s dad’s birthday. I baked no sugar meringue filled with low fat cream cheese, sweetened with home made sugar free apple puree and a little honey, decorated with strawberries for wow factor. He thought it was great and everyone else enjoyed it too.

Hope some of this helps.

psĀ  Carob is often used for chocolate substitute.


Thank you so much for giving me some ideas, I will check out those sites and hopefully I will find a recipe to suit the occasion, again many thanks


Hi dexter

I just thought you may be interested in this weeks blog which covers diabetes as a disease and baking cakes for diabetics. x

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