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asked July 15th 2012

Diamond impression


I’m planning on wrapping fondant on the side of a circular cake, and want to do diamond impression on the side, I don’t have an impression tool, so was going to use ruler and set square, should I do the diamonds on the  fondant before putting it on the cake or mark them when the fondant is in place on the cake??




If you want an inexpensive tool for this job, purchase some plastic sets of tile spacers from the hardware.  These are quite inexpensive and will be much more accurate.  Of course do this very soon after the fondant goes on your cake.  Cheers Trottie


The hand bag tutorial shows how this is done. If you make the impression before the fondant goes onto the cake you will stretch the pattern. Marking when the fondant in place is better.


You can buy an imprint mat which will bend around the cake, once the fondant is on and using your smoother to press over the top of it toI leave the diamond imprint. The one I bought was from my local garden/craft centre. It’s a PME one and only cost £2.50. It works great and is so much quicker than the ruler teqnique. Hope this helps!

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