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asked October 3rd 2012

Diploma required in France


We’ve had an enquiry asking if its law in France that you need a Diploma in order to sell cakes?

If anyone can help with this and other laws surrounding this in any of country it would be great to hear from you.

Kind regards


Hi David,

From what I can gather from the ‘chambre de commerce’ to run a business in France you have to have an address in France.

However, to sell products produced in the UK to France you first have to prove your business is a viable one. For example has been trading for a minimum of 5 years with an annual turnover (not sure how much as this does change from year to year). You also have to be a registered company and to have registered for VAT.

There is a guide you can request called France on the move which may help if you want to live and run a business in France. Also you can call the French chamber of commerce in London who may be able to give more info.

I would think any chamber of commerce is the first place to start. I hope this helps.


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