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asked October 28th 2012

Displaying Teddy Cake

Hi, I am going to be selling cupcakes and things at a school fayre soon and would really like to take along a Teddy Bear cake to display & hopefully sell, problem is i can’t seem to find any reasonably priced display cases to display him in, i thought about a large cellophane bag but think he would maybe get damaged in this. Any brain waves would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


There are lots of options at www.displaysense.co.uk but none of them cheap unfortunately. The only thing I can think of is to remove one side of a big box and replace it with a sheet of acetate or cellophane, at least that way he won’t be squashed!


Hi Aileen

How tall do you think your teddy will end up? I’ve seen clear cake boxes online here http://www.design-a-cake.co.uk/view/list.asp?SupplierID=30. They have boxes up to 10″ tall, worth a look??


Hi, Thanks for that link, i’ve had a look but don’t think they will be big enough so will have to keep looking.
Thanks again.


Yes i’ve seen a few expensive boxes but don’t really want to spend that much and have come to the same idea of using a cardboard box.
Thanks again


Another idea is to downsize the templates for the teddy and make a smaller teddy this way as it only for display purposes the cost will be reduced for ingredients and options of displaying will be less and not as awkward. You can then put a note to say can be made smaller or larger to suit. Hope that helps x


Hi Aileen, this company was at Cake International and are way cheaper than I’ve seen before!


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