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asked May 29th 2019

Dowelling a semi-naked cake

I am wanting some advice on dowelling cakes. I have a three tier cake to stack. Bottom tier is 10”, and iced. I’ll then put dowels in to support an 8” tier, which will be a 4 layer semi-naked cake and dowel again to support top tier, which is a 4 layer, 6” semi- naked cake.
I usually put a cake card halfway in the cake to make cake cutting easier. How can I do this if I have to put dowels all way through cake?
I’m worried, especially about the 6 inch, as it would be difficult to cut easily into portions. Also, will be my 1st wedding cake!


Hi Tomandhen123

If you are going to centre dowel all the cakes, it will be necessary to create a centre dowel structure. Take a peek here to see how Paul makes one:

Dragon Reveal

All the cake cards which go in between the halfway point and all the supporting cards and drums are drilled out so they can be fed through the centre dowel. This makes it easy to add separator cards between the cakes for convenient cake cutting.

Paul has lots of similar tutorials using a centre dowel. Browse through tall cakes and some of the quirky novelty cakes for more ideas.

Another way would be to use a stacking system such as Sturdy Cake stackers. This system comes with all the cards and drums already drilled out. However, if you're worried at all, give them a call for advice. See the system here:

Sturdy Cake Stackers

This is an inexpensive but safe alternative. The cost of the system can be integrated into the price of the cake.

Please let me know if either suggestion helps. 🙂