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asked June 14th 2015

Dowelling methods

i have watched many tutorials about dowelling cakes, but I'm confused! Many show a single dowell inserted into the cake with a mark being made where it is flush with the top of the icing. The dowell is then removed and cut to the length marked and other dowells cut to the same length. The other method shows all dowells being inserted and each marked where flush with the icing. They are then removed and each cut to the same length of the dowell with the "tallest" mark. Could you please tell me if both these methods are correct and do both have the same result. Thankyou


Hello kmmein

If the icing on the bottom cake is perfectly flat and level either method is fine. Sometimes cakes are not a hundred percent level so cutting off to the tallest dowel ensures the cake sits completely level and not at a slight tilt. Use royal icing or melted chocolate on the dowels so the card sticks down.


Thankyou. That makes perfect sense


You're welcome!

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