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asked July 14th 2022

Dowels in fruitcake ?

Do I need to put dowels in my fruitcake? It’s a 10” round, 3” deep on top of a 3” dummy to give it height. The 2nd tier is a 6” tall, 8” sponge cake & 6” semi-naked cake on top. I will put dowels in 2nd tier so it supports the top tier.


Hi Tomandhen123

Normally, I would say no it doesn’t need doweling because rich fruit cakes are very sturdy.However, I think, as a precaution, it might be worth just putting in 5 since the second tier is quiet hefty. Better to be safe than sorry 🙂


Ok thank you x


It does have a dummy underneath. Wouldn’t that be enough support? X


The dummy is underneath, it won’t support the top of the fruit cake. I’m slightly concerned in case the fruit cake softens in the heat and becomes a little unstable.

It is entirely up to you. I’m afraid I always err on the side of caution if in doubt. 🙂

I hope you managed to meld the cake and dummy together successfully 🙂 xx

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