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asked February 12th 2013

Drawing your cake designs?

Can Paul or anyone recommend an easy technique for drawing/planning cake designs before embarking on the cost of making the real thing?


Paul use to use a pre-sketched blank 3 tier cake where he would sketch on the details, design, additional materials and any outstanding actions on the order. This would formulate his price when he went to the pricing guide as we charged per tier depending on the size, time it would take and additional cost of decoration.
Hope this helps.
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Hi Kenyonnat

Will this help http://voices.yahoo.com/easy-ways-transfer-images-onto-cakes-677077.html. ? This is how I was taught, not that I draw much on cake. There is a very old youtube tutorial which I’ve been searching for but
can’t find it, can’t remember who it was by. If I happen across it I’ll post you the link. Sorry not much help at the moment.

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