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asked August 26th 2021

Edible ink printers

Can anyone advise as to which is the best edible ink printer around and where to purchase from.



Hi clan

I can’t recommend a printer because there are so many different brands on the market. I’ve had a Canon for years, I can’t even remember the model.

In a lot of forums people tend to suggest going for the bundle type deals which save money on inks. I’ve recently read good reviews for wifi capability machines.

I’ve found an up to date guide featuring the some popular machines which may help:


Hopefully others will chime in with suggestions. 🙂


If you search for Printers’ in the Q & A search box, there are other answers.


Hi, i have an edible ink printer and have always had fantastic results with the Canon TS5000 printer that i purchased from Edible ink Supplies.you can get all the ink and sugar paper from them also.its worth practising first when you first get it, and then once you are a confident on how to use it, its easy.the only thing that bugged me was the canon app, if i wanted to reduce or enlarge the size of something i wanted to print off it wouldn’t let you, but thankfully i found another app called image size which is fantastic you can print anything in any size! Hope that all makes sense!

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