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asked September 10th 2012

Edible printers


I want to purchase an edible printer and wanted some advice on the best one to purchase.

Can anyone help?



Hi Kookieskakaery

If you put in the search box ‘edible printer’, it will take you to a very helpful answer.


Hi Kookieskakbakery

E bay has some edible ink printers at around £100 – just type in edible ink printer. It is a Canon model – I looked at buying one a while ago but did not take the plunge, Hope this helps


Hi, After searching for ages and reading up on allsorts (!) a couple of months ago I bought a Canon IP3600 and am really pleased with it. I think I might have got it from Cake Craft World, and it was around £100/£110 if I remember rightly – the paperwork is in the loft, so I can’t check easily!

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