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asked May 2nd 2019

Tractor cake

How many servings do you get from the tractor cake ?


Hi Elizabeth

Paul has used a 10" square deep cake for this tutorial. He hasn't carved away too much so the amount lost is negligible. He did have a long slab left over which he said was a scooby snack. However, this can be used as part of the serving if you magic it into some hay bales! 🙂
The site's portion calculator will work out the number of portions this cake will give. See the calculator here:

Cake Calculators

Click on 10" square, then on the bottom line go across to 1" x 2". The calculation will appear automatically.

If you are going to use Paul's moist chocolate cake recipe be aware that it rises to approximately 2.5" high. You may need to scale the recipe up by accessing the re-calculator which is also in my given link.

Hope this helps. Please post back if you need more information.