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asked August 30th 2012

Exploding Santa Cake

I just watched the video and saw Paul putting wires straight into a cake,

I thought this was a No No?


Hi Jgibb

You’re quite right, bare wires mustn’t be put directly into cake. I know there have been all sorts of new guidelines on what can and cannot be placed in or on cakes.

It may be this cake was created prior to new guidelines. I know definitely we can no longer use some of the glitters which Paul used on that cake,

at that time it was perfectly acceptable to use them. This is the only explantion I can give, Paul is very safety conscious

and constantly passes on any new regulations.


Hi Jgibb,

Thanks for pointing this out I will put a note on the course to explain that any wires going into a cake must do so via a posy pic.

Kind regards,


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