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asked October 3rd 2012

Extra long knife?

Hi to everyone,

Do any of you know where I can get an extra long serrated knife for cutting large cakes with? I have tried Ebay, Lakeland, British Home Stores and Debenhams….?

I am in Liverpool but am happy to purchase online too….thank you !


Hi Jgibb

I have a 22″ Gustav serrated knife. They do have a have site, their knives are expensive but worth every penny. I am using Gustav knives which I have owned for thirty years and they are still going strong. I bought mine from Allsop and Pitt in Torquay, Devon, I don’t have their tel no on hand but you can find them online, please feel free to ask for discount.


I am not sure how long a knife you are looking for but I bought a Bakers Bread Knife which has a 30cm/12″ serrated blade from www.bakerybits.co.uk cost £13.50 delivered hope this helps.


The one I got recently I found to be plenty big enough for levelling/cutting a 12″ cake (the biggest tin I have). The blade is 14″ long. With the handle the whole thing is 19″ long. It’s very sharp and cuts like a dream. I got it from Surbiton Sugar Art www.artofcakes.co.uk (I think). It cost about £28 if I remember rightly. Hope this helps!


Thank you all so much for your answers,

I think seeing as how it is my birthday today…a bit of retail therapy is in order….once again many thanks x


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jgibb, hope someone is baking you a cake!!!!! xxxxx


Thank you madeitwithlove, my daughter has made a cake for me but I had to help as her kitchen is too small and her cooker is very poor but as it is rented accommodation she cannot change it, so she made it at my house as she does with most of her baking…lol..

Since surviving breast cancer, every birthday is that much more special and of course I have my two grandsons aged 4 (going on 40) and aged 11 months….they both love cake….lol.

I bought the knife from bakerybits and it will arrive soon. xx


Ahhh Jgibb, I’m a survivor too, twice over, life is so sweet and so short, that is why I am madeitwithlove, in everything I do. I have no daughter, but my husband says I am mother to all the world, so I have many children, young and old and I bake for them all (including for myself!) xxxx

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