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asked October 25th 2012

Fairy barbie has disappeared

Hi all
I’m planning on making the fairy barbie cake tomorrow and although i can access the course notes when i press the course lesson button nothing happens. I was wondering whether this was something to do with my browser or a problem with the actual online course.
Has anyone else had this problem?


Hi Scarlet

Indeed she has flown away! I’ve had a look on the other browsers and she’s not there either. Perhaps Paul D or Matt could sprinkle a little fairy dust and get her back. Seriously though, there does seem to be a problem, sometimes Safari works when all the other browsers don’t, but I don’t have it. x


Thanks madeitwithlove, that made me laugh. I’ll email Paul and see whats happened x


Hi all,

I took a look at the Fairy Barbie cake and I couldn’t see the videos either, so apologies for the playlist disappearing! I’ve corrected the problem now though, so you should be able to see the playlist – let me know if you have problems though.

We’re going through our backlog of courses at the moment and changing them to the newer layout, which will be much better for everyone!




Hi Matt

Thanks for bringing Barbie back, now the A -Z list is jumbled up! not in alphabetical order.


Thanks for that Matt

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