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asked May 23rd 2021

Fondant 2d figure side of cake


I was just wondering if anyone had any tips of how to create a look on a cake where you have a cyclist going up the hill.

I know how to create the mountain/hill through carving etc.

However, I’m not so sure how to do the bike and cyclist on the side of the cake so it’s not 3d. It needs to be almost 2d with some 3d features.

I couldn’t see how to post a pic to show you so have tried my best to do so in words


Hi Alison-millington

I did a quick Google search for cycling cake tutorials and found hundreds of great ideas to create cycle and rider. Tutorials can be found on YouTube and Pinterest with lots of downloadable templates for making toppers.

Personally, I would use a silhouette template and either pipe around it with royal icing/ chocolate or extruded modelling paste following the outline of the bike and rider. Once hardened, the topper can be placed against the cake in the desired position.

I’ve also seen cycle and rider moulds and cutter from Patchwork cutters. Google ‘cycling cake ideas’ to see easy but effective tutorials. 🙂

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