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asked February 4th 2013

Fondant and Gum Trag


I have 100 cupcakes to decorate and I would like to add a cutout using patchwork cutters but I don’t want to use modelling paste as it’s too hard. I still want some flexibility in the fondant so could you tell me if adding less gum trag to the fondant would reduce the stiffness of the fondant or should I be trying something else? Many thanks, Liz


Hi Lizf68

Adding less gum trag would keep the fondant softer. I use Patchwork cutters a lot and just use thinly rolled out fondant. I dust the cutters and the fondant really well to stop sticking. In the instructions, Marion Frost recommends rubbing a little trex on the cutters and using Mexican paste but I find the cutters still stick. Perhaps dusting with icing sugar is not the correct way of using the cutters but it works for me and the fondant remains edible. I’m sure you will receive other answers, this is just what I do.


The cutters work in several ways, so if you haven’t worked with them before they may feel a little strange at first. The cutters are like a jigsaw, by pressing only on the outside edge will give you a full cutout of the image. Pressing all over will cut all the different little pieces out individually. If you go on youtube and type in Patchwork cutters tutorials, you’ll be able to see how they work. Marion is doing some of the tutorials, who better to learn about the cutters than from the inventor!!? Good luck with them, I’m totally hooked. x


Thanks for the prompt reply. I’ve never used these cutters so I will try your method and hope that works. Thanks again!


Excellent, I will definitely do that, especially with a deadline of Saturday! Many thanks for your time, Liz

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