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asked July 12th 2012

Fondant thickness for box cake

I have just made a box cake for a client. The client complained saying that fondant was too thick. She wanted a thin layer of fondant . I had rolled 3-4 mm thickness. Can the thickness  be further reduced? Will  the thin layer  work well when we  have to to assemble each piece of rolled fondant across the sides.

Is there any alternate way to do such type of cakes.


If you are not keen on sweetness the fondant will always be too thick.  I don’t mind it but I have seen a lot left over on plates where people have removed it (or some of it) and then eaten cake.  If you want a cake with fondant this is what you get!  I do not think you went wrong.  Rolling thinner might show any imperfections in the coating.  An alternative would be to marzipan and royal ice the cake.  You could also try covering with a pouring chocolate (Google for recipe) and make a lid from pastillage that could be placed on the cake (but be accurate with measurements).  Make a small cake for own consumption and experiment with how thin the fondant will go and still look good.  You will have 4 sides to practice on :-).

I just had a thought maybe she didn’t like the fact that the lid caused extra thickness in which case a removable pastillage lid is the way to proceed.



Thanks Jayess!! I will try it !

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