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asked September 9th 2015

Fondant toppers on buttercream cupcakes

I have some cupcakes to do for a wedding and the bride wants little fondant hearts popped on each cake. That's fine, but will the buttercream disintegrate the hearts? As I usually don't mix the 2 I don't know how long the hearts will stand up before dissolving. HELP PLEASE!!


Hi MaggieH

The moisture in the buttercream can soften toppers made with fondant. I make my toppers from gumpaste or with chocolate. Make the toppers up a few weeks in advance so they are thoroughly dry and hardened then store in a card board cake box. If you store them in a plastic airtight container they will begin to soften even before they've seen a cupcake!
The toppers can be dusted with lustre and sprayed with clear PME glaze or just a pearlised spray. The spray glaze coats the fondant and appears to slow down the mositure penetration. Chocolate toppers are not affected by the moisture in the buttercream and are much nicer to eat.
Another tip is wait until the buttercream has completely crusted over and then pop the hearts on at the latest possible time before the wedding.
That's what I do. To date, I've never had wilted toppers on buttercream cupcakes but then I only make them for Halloween or Christmas! I'm sure other members will have their tips to share. Hope mine help somewhat.


Thank you, I think I had really already made up my mind to do white modelling choc just to be sure and glitter them. But I appreciate the time you have taken to answer, have a great day. Maggie x


I was told if you attached the topper with melted chocolate it wouldnt disintegrate, I am trying this at the moment so will let you know how it works tomorrow, I have used modelling paste



As I said yesterday I would let you know if the topper softened when I attached with melted chocolate and I checked them this morning and they are still hard, the topper was modelling paste, I will try again with sugarpaste and see what happens and let you know.



Thank you Nicky, as a rule I don't do cupcakes and if I do its with fondant not buttercream, but she ordered the cake and then wanted cupcakes, then saw some with these hearts on and wanted them too. So of course as you do I said of course, no problem. !!!!!!!!. Just love cake decorating 🙂

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