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asked August 19th 2012

Free Videos

Hi, I would like to join the monthly scheme but I am a bit put off by the quality of the free videos, they keep stopping and are quite low in volume, has anyone else had this problem?


The newer videos are far better in quality including the soumd than the older ones. ┬áIf you don’t like them you can cancel with no hesitations. I’ve been a member since the tutorials first began and felt them very worthy of the subscription. I find them very relaxed and Paul is such a great teacher.


Hi Jgibb

I used to have this problem all the time too. David Brice advised me to change my browser to Firefox and I haven’t experienced any problems ever since. Might be worth a go?


Hi Jgibb,

Sorry to hear you have been having trouble with the free videos. It sounds like it might be a connection problem as this can cause the videos to freeze. could you take a look at speedtest.net and let me know the results you get? This would help me work out what’s wrong. You can also try pausing the video once you have played them. This will allow them to buffer and then play without pausing.

As for the sound I accept that they are not perfect. We are always working on improving the quality of videos and the newer videos have much better volume and I will take a look at the free videos soon to see if I can fix the issue with the volumes.


Thanks for your feedback


Paul Doffman

Customer support


Thank you Pauldoffman and Jmilne for your fast responses. However, I think it is my old worn out laptop that is the problem. I tried my daughters ipad and the videos were great and with the volume up I could better understand that wonderful Scottish accent. I will be registering my subscription today, and yes Paul is a good teacher.


Hi Madeitwithlove, many thanks for the tip, I use chrome at the moment and it seems to work well with most sites. As I said I think it is my laptop which is approx 10 years old! My daughter has just said I can use her “state of the art Alienware” laptop to watch the videos….can’t wait x


Hmmm, g’d luck with the Alienware, lol, what ever it means!! x

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