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asked December 7th 2013

Freezing a ganached cake

Hi, What do you wrap a ganached cake in to freeze? How long will the cake last in the freezer.


Hi Ann

Let the ganached cake set up in the fridge first and then wrap it in several layers of cling film, pop it in a normal cake box and place that in a thick carrier bag and freeze. All the wrapping will help prevent the chocolate from freezer burn and the box will protect it from getting damaged if it gets bumped.
Defrost 12 - 24 hours before required depending on the size of cake. Take some of the wrapping off, but still keep it in the box. The cake can be defrosted on a counter in a cool environment. There will be a certain amount of dew on the ganache as it comes to room temperature, this soon disperses once completely unwrapped. Some of the ganache might come off with the cling film and may need a little touch up. The cake can be left in the freezer for a month however it must be wrapped up very well.

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