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asked January 20th 2013

Freezing Buttercream

Can you freeze buttercream? I no it keeps in fridge for a while, but would freezing reduce the shelf life once defrosted?
Thanks for help. Find this forum very help full


Hi ashandiamo

Butter cream can be frozen for months if you wrap it in a plastic bag then place that in a sealed container. Bring it to room temperature and re whip it before use. It will keep for two weeks in the fridge ( may be longer), but again keep it in a sealed container and well away from strong smells.


Thanks MWL, does same rule apply to ganache??


Rule of thumb for me, ganache is as good as the use by date of the cream, I've had it in the fridge for longer because I get it quite drunk! but better to be safe than sorry. It can be frozen for months. I tend to wrap it up really well, it can crystalise. Just bring it up to room temp and heat it very gently in the micro wave on medium temp in 30 second bursts until it loosens up, then 15 seconds until it is thick and useable. If it solidifies again just reheat again in 15 second bursts until loose. This is how I do it, other people may have different methods.


I have just found some in my freezer(coffee buttercream). Its dated 1st september last year and tastes great and whipped up a dream! think i will use...too many things get chucked because loads of websites say only freeze for 3 months or so!Anyone else had any in freezer for months? be interesting to know

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