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asked July 5th 2021

Freezing ganache cakes

I’m wanting to get ahead making some cakes . If I fill and cover a cake in ganache, then cover in sugar paste, can I freeze the whole cake? Also, what is the best way to defrost it? Will be a 12” x roughly 3/4 “ deep cake.


Hi Tomandhen123

Take a peek here how to freeze a ganached cake:

Freezing cake covered in ganache

Personally, I wouldn’t freeze an already iced cake. Some people do , do it successfully, but it can end in disaster with wet, mushy icing.

To freeze an already iced cake, double box it in heavy duty boxes, preferably the type you see in supermarket freezers. Protect the cake with bubble wrap, then completely seal both boxes with parcel tape so no moisture can get inside them. Finally wrap the boxes in heavy duty plastic and place in freezer.

Defrost a couple of days before required. Remove the outer box allow cake to defrost in the inner box. This will help reduce the amount of condensation which settles on the icing. Remove from the box and let the cake air dry, being careful not to touch the icing as this can leave finger prints which cannot be fixed.

I’ve never had much success with it but then I don’t have a lot of patience with fiddly procedures 😄. Try it as an experiment first. I think it’s safer to just freeze a ganached cake and ice later.

To defrost ganached cake before icing, take a peek here:

Freezing ganached cakes before adding fondant

To see more answers, search in Q & A ‘freezing ganached and iced cake’. There are loads of answers and experiences throughout on this topic. 🙂


Thank you. I think I’ll just freeze it with ganache only to be sure it will be ok. Do I just freeze and defrost cake using same method?


I think you’ll find it less stressful to just freeze the ganached cake. When you bring the cake out to defrost, keep the clingfilm on so it stays moist and tacky but without condensation. 🙂

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