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asked August 31st 2012

Fresh Cream Cake

Hi Everyone

I am trying to make a Fresh cream cake. I whisked the cream and added a bit of icing suger to sweeten it.  Once I had put it on the cake, I put it in the fridge. The cream ended up getting hard which does not usually happen when you buy Fresh Cream Birthday cakes from the shop.


Am i doing something wrong?


hi kookieskakery add sugar not icing sugar


Hi kookieskakery

Fresh cream shouldn’t be over whisked as it continues thickening in the fridge. All adding icing sugar does is sweeten it.

I’m sorry but I am unable to view the whole of your question due to a fault, so my answer may not be what you’re

looking for. Hope you have it sorted now.







Fresh cream cakes within shops are made with a cream that is specially formulated to be ambiant stable, and will hold its self with out the addition of sugars.

This cream is availbale from compnaies like Bako.


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