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asked June 20th 2021

Fresh flowers on dummy cake

I’m wanting some advice please. I’m doing a 4 tier dummy cake as a practice for a wedding cake. I’ve mad a 3” deep 10” round fruit cake and want to put it on a 3” x 10” dummy to give it some height. Once I’ve put marzipan and fondant on, I’m thinking to put dowels in to support the other 4 tiers. Should they go all the way down through the dummy cake to the board? Also, real cake will have fresh flowers in. How do I push the fresh flowers through the polystyrene, as want to place them to see how they look. I usually put them in straws on a real cake, but obviously they won’t push in.
Sorry if they’re silly questions and also for long post!!


Hi Tomandhen123

Dummy cakes don’t need dowelling, they are strong enough to carry the weight of a man!
Stick your real cake on the decorated dummy with royal icing. Dowel each real cake as normal. If you do still want to dowel the dummy, do it the same as a real cake and stack in the usual way.

To insert flower into polystyrene, use posy picks which have sharp pointed tips. These can also be used for fresh flowers. You can also use special plastic test tubes which florists use to keep flowers fresh.

I recommend you visit your local florist for advice using picks and tubes. The tubes must not be made of glass. Plastic only, in case of breakage.

Your questions are not silly and the post is not long. It is always a pleasure to answer you. If you need more information post back. 😘


Thank you so much for the quick reply! I appreciate your advice 😊


You are welcome Tomandhen123 🤗😘

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