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asked November 27th 2012

Friendly dragon cake

Hi there, is there a list of ingredients & equipment needed for the friendly dragon cake? I can’t seem to find them! Thanks


Hi Lynn

The friendly dragon is made from an 8″ round cake for the body, 4″ x 5″ cake for the head.
The stand template can be found by clicking on the course notes and is downloadable.
For the sugar paste quantities I can only approximate for you by eye balling the tutorial.

Ganache 500g chocolate made up according to Paul’s ganache tutorial. It’s only an 8″ cake so I think this quantity would enough for filling and covering. If you’re short, it won’t take long to make up a bit more.

Sugar paste
For the body (all the pink bits in the tutorial) I’d allow between 1.750k – 2k. The tail is quite thick and will take
about 200g but I may be over estimating. you’ll need an 8″ dowel for that too.
For the feet, chest, spine, beard, ears (basically all the purple bits) approx 350g

For the board
It would depend which size board you decide on, Paul’s looks like 14″ board. I would allow
750g Lincoln green mixed with 250g bottle green to marble.

For the claws and eye balls approx 50g white and a little bit of black for the eyes

You need an 8″ card for the wings which can be covered up from scraps left over from the allowance for the feet.

Ribbon would depend on the size of your board, if you use a decorating shop they’d work out how much you need.

Here’s hoping I haven’t missed anything. If you want precise quantities just email the site. x

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