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asked September 29th 2012


In all the tutorials, Paul tends to put the choc cake that’s been iced or filled with chocolate ganache in the fridge to set it.
But it hardens, so when sliced and served there is a somewhat a bar of chocolate in the middle. I wonder whether I’m doing it correctly. I boil the cream then add the chocolate pieces, let it stand for a few minutes to melt, then mix it well. Do i need to add butter? do i need to beat it? Thanks.


Jenny you do need to make sure that the chocolate is completely melted and mixed well into the cream. By adding some butter to the ganache will give it a shine. When the cake is at room tempreture the chocolate ganache cake will be easy to cut into and should not be solid.


Hi Jenny

You can add butter if you want a pouring chocolate glaze or when cool, as fudgy filling.The ganache you see in the tutorials is a filling as well as a strong flawless base cover to lay fondant on. Once a cake has been iced it is no longer refrigerated and the ganache filling softens. I have never seen Paul whisk his ganache, he just uses a palette knife to mix it each time he needs to soften it in the microwave. I whisk the ganache which I fill with because it becomes light and fluffy, and mix only, for the amount I need for covering, because I think it sets stronger. Everyone has their own way of using ganache.


Hi Jenny, I find the same and I don’t put mine in the fridge at any point. Next time I’m just going to use a very thin layer in the middle of the cake or not fill it at all!


Thank you Candy1 and madewithlove. I tried adding a little butter and beat it with an electric beater then fill and crumb coatt the ake at the same time and leave it to dry . I Did not put it in the fridge thistime…The outcome is still yummy and with a soft ganache filling. Give it a go doodlecake if you wish.

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