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asked November 11th 2012

Fruit cake rising


I have just made a fruit cake and when baked it raised.

What am I doing wrong ? Also could I now cut and level it off before storing.

I am planning to make the igloo cake how best would it be to stick the cake together. This is normally done by ganache but not sure what I would use for fruit cake for cutting and stacking.



Hi known

I haven’t seen Mrs Jones’ video yet and the ingredients of her recipe are not listed yet. Fruit cake always rises slightly despite being made from plain flour and no levening. The eggs and aeration of the mixture will cause a slight doming so, if you have followed the recipe, oven temp and timing, you’ve done nothing wrong. Wrap the cake up until you need it, when you cut up for the igloo, stick the pieces together with some boiled apricot jam (sieve it first if it has bits). The jam will act as glue, have a look at the goldfish tutorial that’s a fruit cake. Don’t worry about the dome, incorporate it in the carving of the igloo or just level it off when you start the cutting.


Thanks for this you always have great advice. Will give it a try

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