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asked November 23rd 2016

ganache curdling

I have made three lots of ganache and all have curdled, why is this


I have made three lots of ganache and all have curdled, why is this


Hi David

How are you making your ganache and which type of chocolate are you using? Normally if ganache starts to curdle it is because the cream is too hot so the cocoa butter and other oils separate from the solids. It can rescued, You’ll find a fix here: https://www.cakeflix.com/questions?s=oily+ganache
To prevent curdling, avoid pouring boiling cream over the chocolate, wait a minute to take the scorch out of it.

Hope this helps.


Thank you for your answer, I am using milk chocolate, I used the amounts shown on the calculator. I also boiled the cream in line with Pauls tutorial.




Milk chocolate, like white is more sensitive to heat and needs to be handled with a little more care. If ganache is stirred too vigoroursly, that too can make it separate. To help it re-absorb the fats, pop the bowl of ganache in the fridge until it begins to set slightly then give it a stir until it comes together again. There are ways of salvaging a broken ganache as you will have read in the oily ganache link.
Take a peek at a few tips in this blog: https://www.cakeflix.com/how-to-ganache-cakes-without-gnashing-your-teeth


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