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asked December 3rd 2012

Ganache help uk

i am new to all this ganache and need a little bit more info please basically does the chocolate have to have to have minimum percentage of cocoa solids?
if so what does it have to be for:

Dark chocolate
milk chocolate
white chocolate

also what would be the mixture ratio with the single cream?

thank you in advance


Hi Smitty

There are recipes for ganache in the free/beginners section, Paul covers all types of chocolate.
I use for basic dark choc 200g chocolate to 100ml double cream
Milk chocolate just add another say 50g chocolate and keep to the dark choc recipe.
Milk choc 300g chocolate to 100ml double cream. White chocolate doesn’t set as hard so requires more choc to cream ratio. White chocolate isn’t really chocolate so try and aim for about 23% coco solids, Lindt I think go to 31%. For dark chocolate, the higher the % the stronger the ganache but 55% – 70% is good. Milk chocolate try and aim for 40 -50%. There is also lots of information on the site about ganache. Hope this helps you.

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