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asked May 9th 2014

Ganache problems

Hi, I have just made white chocolate ganache and I'm not sure if I have put too much cream in. I have just been reading previous questions were oily ganache was mentioned. I'm not sure if mine is oily or if I need to add more chocolate. Is there any way that I can easily tell the difference? Any advice would be extremely welcome as I was wanting to use this for my first "paid" cake tomorrow.


Hello Dmooro71

White ganache can look oily, just let it cool and set in the fridge for a while and then give it a beating with a pallete knife until emulsified. If you want you can beat it with a electric hand mixer on low speed for a few seconds only. You don't want to incorporate too much air into the ganache. You'll find more information on ganache here
http://www.cakeflix.com/blog/how-to-ganache-cakes-without-gnashing-your-teeth and also here
Please post and say whether the ganache has emulsified.


Hi Madeitwithlove, I have just looked at it after an hour and half of being in the fridge and it is still soft. I'll leave it in the fridge overnight and hope for the best in the morning. If it is still soft in morning does this mean it needs more chocolate?


Not necessarily. If you made it 3: 1 ratio it will thicken up and it will also set as you're spreading it on as a crumbcoat. White ganache takes a lot longer to set and is best made the day before you need it. Tomorrow it may well be set to a point where it will need softening. If that happens, warm it on the lowest micro wave setting for 10 seconds and stir it. If it's still too hard give 10 seconds again but check it at 5 in case it suddenly begins to melt. Stir it after each warming to prevent it from burning.
If you have used a lower ratio chocolate to cream you will need more chocolate. In which case melt some chocolate in the microwave, warm on medium heat 20 seconds or less at a time, stir after each warming until most of the chocolate is melted. Leave a few lumps in and keep stirring until the lumps have melted. Add the chocolate to your ganache, incorporate it into a working emulsion.
As you work with white ganache it does begin to set even as you are using it. When this happens bring it back to working consistency by warming it again on low heat, stir and use. If you over heat the ganache it will burn or become oily and greasy. Try and use a plastic bowl rather than a glass. Glass retains heat making the risk of burning greater.
If you're still up and about give the ganache a stir with the pallet knife now, I think you'll see a difference because it's had time to cool right down and for the cocoa butter to start solidifying.


Success!! After leaving it overnight it has set. Thank you so much for the advice and prompt response it is invaluable. Now I just have to hope the cake turns out ok this time as the one I had baked yesterday did not rise enough. This cake making certainly is stressful x


Good luck with all of it, you'll be fine! x

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