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asked September 2nd 2012

glutten free fruit birthday cake

has anyone got a glutten free celebration fruit cake recipe x



I have made a few gluten free fruit cakes, mostly you want to use your flour (I use Dove Farm) and some extra liquid because gluten free flour just seems to need it.

For the cake I made last night (a porter cake) I added an extra egg.

I won’t know until I’ve gifted the cake if it passes the taste test 🙂

So far it looks and smells good, just hasn’t risen as well as it would with regular flour and baking powder.


Hi annabel

Try this recipe from www.deliciousmagazine.co.uk/recipe/gluten-free-fruit-cake. I made this for one of my own

wedding cake tiers and wished I’d made it as the main tier. It’s lovely and moist, unlike many gluten free

cakes which can be quite dry and flat. I have many other GF recipes please let  me know if want anything else.



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