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asked September 21st 2021

Haig club cake ideas

Hello,I've been asked to do a haig club whiskey cake can any1 recommend me how to do it.



Take a peek at the following link:

Vintage Perfume Bottle

This is a great, easy little cake which can easily be adapted for the the Haig club bottle. It is almost exactly the same shape.

The challenge will be achieving the cobalt blue and the glass effect. I’ll dig something out for you and post back.

For the logo, you could use an edible image, or if you have a steady hand, have a go at painting it. There is also the option of using edible ink pen.

There are lots of images of the bottle online to use as reference. An actual model would be better but not necessary. Hopefully others will chime in with more ideas. Hope suggestions help. 🙂


Hello,thanks for your help will try with the edible pic