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asked January 10th 2019

Half hemisphere cake

Can anyone help please? I am going to make a football cake, two halves together, and wonder if I need to support the tins once they go into the oven to bake. Also do I need to cut the bottom off the base cake so that it will sit ok on the cake card in readiness for crumb coating and then icing. Or do I not need to use a cake card at all?

Your help would be very much appreciated thanks.



Hi bellescakes

The best way to support the hemisphere pan in the oven during baking is to rest it over the top of a round cake pan or over a large round cookie cutter. Once baked and assembled, cut a small amount off of the base cake to stop it toppling over. Another way would be to use a sturdy cake stacker which uses a centre pole and the cake can be threaded over. This does away with the need to shave the small amount off the base.

You could make your own centre pole device as shown in some of Paul's tutorials.
There is also a soccer ball tutorial on the site which I'm sure will help here:

Footballers cake

Hope this helps 🙂 Happy New Year!


Hi Madeitwithlove

Happy New Year to you too. I hope you are well.

Thanks very much for your help, as ever. The cake turned out pretty well and as it's only a 6inch football cake I got away without having to secure it with a cake stacker. I just stuck it onto a blob of buttercream. Where I did go wrong was that I torted both the hemispheres prior to putting the whole cake together, as I though it might be dry otherwise. The net effect was that the pentagon and hexagon shapes had to be stretched a bit to fit into the others as I got down the cake. But I made a sugar paste scarf, as in Paul's football cake tutorial. Anyhow it still looks quite good so hope the birthday boy will like it too.



Well done you! I'm glad it all worked out. It's always difficult to get the sphere dead right if it is torted for filling. You did the right thing using the scarf to add more interest plus taking the eye away from any slight defects. I'm sure birthday boy will be delighted! XX