Footballers Cake Decorating and Baking Tutorial

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Skill level: Easy
HD Lessons: 10
Decorating time: 4 hours
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Highlights of our football cake tutorial.

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1. Shaping the cake

Paul comes up with a creative way to shape the football by layering the cake inside a half dome baking tin. Alternatively, if you don’t have the shaped cake pan then it’s a case of carving the half dome.

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2. Shaping and ganaching

The dome technique turned out really well so Paul now starts to build then carve the cake to get the height and shape of the football. He then layers in ganache and places it in the fridge before smoothing it with a hot palette knife.

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3. Covering the cakes

Paul now shows us how to cover a domed cake using the hexagon and pentagon templates. This helps give the football it’s distinctive markings.


NOTE: Paul later decides to cover the bottom layer of pentagon shapes with a scarf. It’s up to you whether you want to add them or not.

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4. Covering the board and adding the scarf

Paul decides that the lower row of the black pentagons on the ball need to be covered up so what better way to achieve this than to use a team scarf.

After covering the board he then sets about making a Spanish football scarf that fits around the bottom of the ball.

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5. Making the models - Part 1

You can choose to go fancy with this. However, Paul makes the legs, bodies and heads of the two children using some very simple and quick modelling techniques.

If you are just beginning or in a hurry then this is the perfect way to get the best effect.

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6. Making the models - Part 2

Paul finishes the models by adding their arms and simple facing features. He then moves on to decorating the football strip to give them those distinctive Spanish colours.

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7. Adding the names, hair and finishing touches

It’s amazing how quickly this design comes together. Here Paul finishes off the cake by adding the names of the birthday boy and girl and giving them a hairstyle they might recognise alongside all those important finishing touches.

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8. Other ideas

Paul shares with you some other ideas for this type of design.

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9. Pro lesson

Prices, costs and overheads for this design. Everything a professional cake decorator needs to know.

Learn how to make this football cake with this fun-filled tutorial from Paul Bradford

Learn how to make this fun-filled football cake with our expert tutorial from Paul Bradford. A great design to learn for the little or large football fans in your life, this cake is easy to make and can be fun for the whole family.

In the following tutorial you will learn how to:

  • Make a neat half sphere
  • Cover an awkward shape
  • Use basic modelling skills
  • Use lettering tap outs

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