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asked July 3rd 2012

Has anyone baked Pauls chocolate cake from free lesson?

I am trying to help the french speaker and she has asked does it really take 2 hours to cook?  I am still working on rest of translation.  Part google trasnlator, part french dictionary combined with guesswork!


I baked it and tokk half of a dose. I took about 45 minutes to bake on 150.


Hi Jayess, I have a very similar recipe to Paul’s which is also baked for two hours, difference, my recipe is for one 10″ cake. The mixture is very runny and has to be baked on a very low temperature for much longer, opening the oven door too soon will make the cake sink. I usually allow one and three quarter hours before attempting to have a quick peep because it takes that long for the centre of the cake to set up sufficiently so it doesn’t sink. I finish off on the two hours only if the the middle is completely baked through. Have a look at my question”Paul’s chocolate cake tutorial”, his response might be helpful to you since his recipe is for two different size tins baked together. I hope this helps a little. x


Thanks madeitwithlove! I’ll try to translate and pass on.


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