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asked February 13th 2020

Health and Safety advice.

Hello, I am about to start a cake business from home and would like advice on labelling with regards to allergens. I have read all the advice on gov.co.uk but I am unsure as to how far to take this. there does not seem to be set advice for selling cakes from home. I would like to know this before I am inspected. If you know of a website that gives this information that would be helpful. I have my food hygiene certificate and am aware of all the Allergens but do I need to display this on the cake box as well as in my home.


Hi miwl, thanks very much will do.


Thankyou very much team, I am now viewing it, not very good at this technical stuff.


Hi Sandra

Congratulations on starting our own cake business from home. The best website for all the information you need is right here on Cakeflix. Headed by David Brice as the expert tutor, Cakeflix business page for Pro members covers all aspects of running your own cake business. If you are a Pro member take a peek here:

…. and specifically the tutorial on food hygiene which covers:

Food Hygiene

You might enjoy joining Cakeflix Facebook groups where members share advice and information on everything covering cake business from home. Ask to join the groups. Something I would highly recommend, they’re brilliant:

Hope suggestions help. Good Luck! 🙂


Hi miwl, thanks for the help, I have watched the pro business tutorial on health and hygiene but this tutorial doesn’t seem to include information on handing an allergen list to the customer, but I will wait for the pro members Q&A session on 25th February. Also one more question please, I joined facebook .com cakeflix family but cant seem to access the previous Q&A sessions


Hi Sandra

You’d be better off joining the pro members Facebook group. If you drop David an email he’ll be able to help you access past Q & As and join you in the Pro members group. Contact him on
[email protected] or message him on Facebook.

Your local environmental health officer will also advise you. Ask them about anything that’s worrying you. They’re very helpful. ?


Hi Sandra,

Please join the Pro Facebook Group, then you can access the previous Live Q&A shows via the link below…

Pro Live Q&A Archives

You’ll get this, and many other Pro member benefits, by clicking on the Pro icon at the top right of the screen icon signed in.

Look forward to catching up on the next Q&A 🙂

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