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asked June 23rd 2017

HELP!!!!! Renshaw Fondant & Ganache Cake

I have the Renshaw Ready to Roll Decor-Ice white fondant. My cake is covered in ganache. I am trying cover the cake but it keeps ripping as soon as I put it on. I have rolled it thick, I have rolled it thin. It still tears. I have wet my ganache cake right out the fridge and I have used crisco. Still tearing. I have heated up the fondant for 30 seconds and knead. Still tears. I have gone through so much batches of fondant. And I have no idea what am I doing wrong. I really need help due my cake is due tomorrow and I don't have anymore fondant other than the last batch. I roll out my fondant on my cutting mat. I have use powdered sugar. I have used cornstarch. Still tears.

I really need some help please.


H!! I suggest you try to panel your cake with fondant see here a video if yxou don't know how to do it


how about covering the sides first and then covering the top and smoothing the join, as the cake fairies seemed to have abandoned you on this one, Some days things just do not go to plan.
maybe if there is a bit too much sugar and corn starch in now, need in some trex, just a little and see if that helps.
So roll out a long strip (is the cake round?) Same height as cake, wrap around, should stick with just a little water onto the ganache. then roll out a circle and pop it on the top, take two smoothers and massage the seam away, good luck, you can do this!


I got exactly the same problems 2 weeks ago.
In the end I added some tylose or cmc on to the fondant.
Or you can add a pack of renshaws flower and modelling paste or mix with another fondant like satin ice or massa.
Then I panel it, it worked.
Hope this helps.


Thanks ladies. I guess panel it is.


neverdessertyou, how did it go?

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