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asked July 2nd 2012

Hi it’s my husbands birthday next week and he wants me to make him a boob cake . But as I’m starting out I’m worried about icing it any tips please

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Hi Julien,


We have some good free video courses with icing tips here:

Free Online Cake Decorating Courses

Maybe be worth checking them out.



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Hi iv done a few of these and found that using two large muffin sized cup cakes place these onto a torso shaped flat sponge. Cover in flesh coloured sugar paste. ( use paprika to colour White paste). Use slightly darker for nipples. Roll out thin sugar paste for bra/bikini top and dress the boobs. They look quite realistic and you can decorate bra with royal iced piping around edge. Good luck. You can have a look at my web site under novelty cakes. Www.cakesbyscarletribbons.co.uk


I used a Wilton ball tin, it comes in 2 halfs and just place them side by side. Cut them both to

Fill then cover them with buttercream and cover with sugarpaste. I use sugarflair paprika for skin colour.


The best model you can follow is the basque cake tutorial on this site. Paul has used two eight inch cakes for the boobs, but you can make them smaller (or BIGGER!), I used two six inch pudding basins. Icing the boobs part is not as hard as it looks. I’ve made this cake from the tutorial and it was a dream! I’m not an experienced decorator but the step by step instructions are so clear you won’t have any problems with it. Cut the basque bit off if you want just the boobs, or make a smaller cake to put the boobies on. Don’t worry about it, follow the instructions and it’ll be great. Good luck!

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