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asked September 10th 2012

Horseshoe Cake


Can someone help me please?
I am making a large 3D Horseshoe to stick into the very top of a cake. Does anyone have any ideas on how best to make this?
My ideas at the moment are biscuit covered with sugarpaste, sugarpaste alone or a wooden shoe covered in sugarpaste.
Please help!!


make you;r horseshoe out of kirspy treats and cover with sugarpaste
good luck


Thank you lesleya.
Would this be strong enough to stand up in the cake?


Hi , use gum paste, roll it out, cut out the horseshoe shape, dip 2 cocktail sticks in edible glue, slide the cocktail sticks into the horseshoe curve,dont push too far as they should be hidden, with enough length sticking out, leave to dry out and harden on large piece of foam pad,make it at least a week in advance, once dry and set decorate as you wish, piping,edible diamonds etc, hope this is of help ….


hi ailsbub
yes it will

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