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asked May 21st 2022

How far in advance can I fondant ice a wedding cake?

I’m making my daughter’s 4 tier wedding cake . The bottom and top tier will be fruit cakes. The middle two tiers I’m planning on using cake dummies. I would also have two different sponges to cut for guests behind the scene as well as using some of the bottom tier fruit cake.

So that I’m not stressing myself too much in the lead up to the wedding and to allow myself plenty of time to enjoy decorating the cakes my question is, how far in advance you would suggest I can ice all four tiers? If I ice them all around the same time and keep them stored in cake boxes and in a cool room would 3-4 week be too soon?

Many thanks


Hi Clare

Fruit cakes and dummies can all be iced and decorated together well in advance. Three weeks is a good time to get them done and stored in a cool place. Sponge cakes can be done two to three days ahead, depending on the type of sponge, and as long as there is no cream cheese, fresh dairy, or fresh fruit in the filling.

You will have plenty of time to get things done at a steady relaxed pace and, to actually enjoy the precious memories which you are making. Good luck and many congratulations. 🙂

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