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asked November 5th 2012

How long does sponge cakes last

I have a dilemma. I am making the shoebox cake for Saturday and have to make the sponge today and ice tomorrow. Can anyone tell me which sponge lasts longest. I do not want to make a Madeira cake as I am not keen on the texture and find them a bit dry, also I do not have enough room in my freezer to make cakes in advance. Any suggestions please.


Hi, in my experience chocolate cake lasts the longest (we were still eating my husband’s birthday cake two weeks after it was cut!) but if you want a vanilla cake try Jane Hornby’s vanilla wedding cake from the BBC Good Food website. Good luck!


I second Doodlecake. I always make the Jane Hornby sponge when one is called for. Adding a simple syrup drench will also keep it moist and preserve too.

To make simple syrup drench, boil up equal quantities of sugar and water (and a vanilla pod for flavour if like) for a minute, cool and brush on each layer of the cake before filling.

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