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asked June 30th 2012

How long will roses last

Hi,I’m pretty new to cake decorating and have been practising making roses, if I make a whole batch to put on a cake and put them in an airtight box how long can I leave them for.


sugar flowers will keep for months stored in a air tight container

with a sheet of bubble wrap underneath and in between layers.keep in a cool place but not in the fridge on freezer as this will cause a build up of moisture



Thanks mary


I made some flowerpaste roses about 3 years ago & they still look good as they day they were made,

I just layered them with tissue paper in a plastic box.

Good Luck



Thank you


When my mum mum passed away we came across flowers made years ago (and I mean YEARS!)  They were still good.  They were only stored in cardboard boxes.  As long as they are kept dry they are ok.  The colour fades eventually though.  It’s not a bad idea to make white ones and dust them the colour you want when needed.  I also made some blue flowersonce  and stored them but they turned mauve (or it may have been the other way round).

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