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asked February 1st 2018

How much ganache and storage?

Im very new to baking and want to try ganache as a crumb coat on my daughter’s No 2 spong cake. Its around 14″x9″ and I wondered how to calculate how much I’ll need for a crumb coat only?

Also can i crumb coat then store in the fridge to then cover in fondant the next day?


Hi Scougy

The amount you will need for cover only is 1060gm total ganache for a 4″ deep cake.

Once crumbcoated, store the cake in it’s box in a cool place until ready to be enrobed in sugarpaste ( if icing).


Thank you so much! I plan to make the sponge tomorrow but do i have to leave the ganache overnight to then use on saturday or can i use it after four hours or so?

Id love to make the sponge, then crumb coat with ganache tomorrow, leave in box over night and cover in fondant on saturday…..could this work?

Thank you


The ganache can be used as soon as it is thick enough to be of a working consistency. It can take a couple of hours or less depending on how warm or cool your working area is. I usually make the ganache and cover it with clingfilm. Allow the cling to touch the surface of the ganache and expel as much air as you can before sealing the bowl. This prevents a skin forming on the surface resulting in a lovely silky ganache. To expedite the thickening, the ganache can be placed in the fridge for half an hour or less. Watch Paul’s tutorial in the free section to see how he stirs it before using.

Yes, the cake can be ganached tomorrow and iced on Saturday. Once ganached let the cake set up firm, cover it loosely with clingfilm and place it in the box and store in the coolest room in your home or in the fridge (if you can get it in there) ready for icing on Saturday. Before icing, remove the clingfilm and check that the ganache is tacky. If the surface is very dry it can be made tacky using a pastry brush moistened with cooled boiled water. If you have a spritzer bottle, spray a fine mist over the whole surface enough to make a tack and no more. Roll out the icing first and then moisten the ganache ready for the icing to adhere nicely.

As you did not indicate which type of chocolate you are using, here are the ratios for dark, milk or white chocolate:

Dark chocolate: 707gm chocolate and 353 ml or gm of double cream

Milk choc: 760 chocolate and 300 ml or gm of double cream

White choc: 790 chocolate and 270 ml or gm of double cream

Hope this helps. Good luck tomorrow and if you’re not quite sure of anything, just post again or watch the ganach tutorials on the free section of the site. 🙂

ps measure your cream in grams it’s more accurate. 🙂

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