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asked July 27th 2012

How much Marzipan and Icing will I need?

Does anyone has any tips regarding the amount of marzipan and icing needed for different sizes of  cakes?


hi emz here is how much you need for  around and square

6in   450g

7”  570g

8”  800g

9”  900g

10”  1.13kg

11”  1.35kg

12”  1.7kg

13”  1.8kg

14”  1.92kg       round




6”  570g

7”  800g

8”  900g

9”  1.13kg

10”  1.35kg

11”  1.7kg

12”  1.81kg

13”  1.92kg


hope this helps   if you need shapes let me know    the quantities cover top and sides


Hi Emz

If you google in Cakefrills.co.uk/marizipan/fondant/cake coverage, you’ll find the information you need. x

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