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asked October 3rd 2013

how much to charge

Hi I have been asked to make 100 cupcakes for a 21st birthday.
A mix of chocolate and vanilla.
They are just being decorated with butter cream, and stars with glitter.
I thought a £1 each, is that too much.
I am just starting out, and know that the pro course is available,, but can’t afford it at the moment.


Hi, I would say that is way too cheap. I am only just starting myself but I know where I live they charge £2.25 for a cupcake


Hi, I agree that is far too cheap. Im just starting my own business and I charge £1.50 each as that’s about the average price where I live. However, I was in London a few weeks ago and I didn’t see anywhere that charged less than £2.50 each. I certainly wouldn’t go any less than £1.50. If you feel £150 is a lot to charge someone when you are just starting out then maybe say you will give them a 20% discount if they don’t mind doing some word of mouth advertising for u or putting a few business cards in the boxes with the cakes when they are delivered/collected? That way they pay £120 and you get some publicity. Don’t sell yourself short whatever you do! This cake making lark is very time consuming! xx


Thankyou for your reply, but as I knew the customer I asked for £1, as it would be my first proper sale and was looking forward to the challenge. She said she didn’ t have the budget for that amount.
Thanks thou for the advice. I am disapointed, but hopefully some else will want some cakes.


Hi Jackie

In business you can’t afford to have customers who can’t afford to have your cakes. The problem is that this becomes an expectation and a vicious circle begins which sometimes can’t be broken. Unfortunately word gets around and other people want the same. To avoid disappointment best to keep friendship/acquaintances and business completely separate. After all you’ve worked hard to do all that baking and decorating so you deserve to be paid fairly for your labour. xx


I agree madeitwithlove, I made the vast mistake of keeping things to a very low price for friends. Believe me, it ends up costing you money. Don’t forget your initial investments and all the bits and pieces you buy to accommodate others requests. As the old saying goes good cake ain’t cheap and cheap cake ain’t good!


Sally, you’re not alone, made the same mistake myself 🙁


Sallymac that is a great saying, and thankyou all for your comments. Away to watch this weeks tutorial.

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